Nov 2, 2023

How Do I Get a Patent?

Article By Patent Attorney Stephen Bullock
1. Hire a Patent Attorney
Hiring a skilled patent attorney is a good start. Hiring Bullock Law ensures that you will be provided a patent attorney skilled in dealing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

2. Be thorough with details
Details are what differentiate your invention over what exists. If your invention is in a field with a lot of other innovations, then the details are what distinguish you over the competition.

3. Patent Search, Provisional Patent Application and Non-Provisional Patent Application
These are the three options when applying for a utility patent application. A patent search looks for the same or a similar invention in published patent documents. A provisional patent application gives you patent pending status for 12 months after filing. However, a non-provisional patent application is the only way to obtain a utility patent.

4. Patent Artist
Hiring a patent artist is one of the more important steps in obtaining a patent. A good artist knows the intricate rules that the USPTO requires for their applications. These drawings also assist the patent examiner with better understanding your invention.

5. Office Actions
Many times, if not most of the time, patent applications receive an Office action from the USPTO. This means that the application is not going to be allowed unless certain objections are overcome. These are a normal part of the patent process. However, hiring a patent attorney skilled in responding to these actions most often is the difference in receiving a patent or not.

6. Fees
The USPTO charges filing fees for each application. This is in addition to the attorney fees your patent attorney charges. The amount of filing fees depends on whether you are a micro entity, a small entity, or a large entity. Check with your patent attorney to see which category you fall under.
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